Thursday, March 31, 2011

New Poem Published

My poem Simulacrum is now online at Referential Magazine, an online journal with an interesting twist - many of the works on the site refer to specific phrases or images of other works already on the site. I thought this poem about coffee went well with the coffee in another poem on the site, and the editor, Jessie Carty, liked my poem, so it's up now and it links from the word coffee in the earlier poem.

Simulacrum has an interesting provenance. A friend started a ten-word challenge on Facebook, and her friends added words until a list of ten was complete. The challenge was to use all ten words in a single poem. Here's the list: leaf, prone, cloudless, sudden, splinters, ink, snow, yearning, apparition, floating. I thought the list was heavy with delicate, whispery poetic words, so my contribution was splinters. The poem itself is somewhat of a reaction against the words.

One more bit of trivia: I had run through a streak of about twenty consecutive poems that were rejected by journals or contests, and Simulacrum was accepted back in February, breaking that losing streak. Beginning with this poem, I've had six of my last nine submissions accepted, including two that had previously been rejected by other journals. Adding in eight poems that were accepted last year before the lengthy losing streak, I currently have fourteen pending publication.