Saturday, September 18, 2010

Poetry Spark

SPARKcon is an annual creative event involving music, dance, poetry, photography, and many other creative activities that takes place all around downtown Raleigh for one weekend this time each year.

Tonight (Friday) I read at a reception for fashionSPARK at Mahler Gallery in Raleigh. I enjoyed great food from local restaurateurs and a very appreciative audience. I even had two fashion-related poems to read. Thanks to Shawn Brewster for inviting me to participate.

Sunday 9/19, I will be MC for a reading as part of poetrySPARK. This event begins at 2PM at Isaac Hunter's Tavern on Fayetteville Street in downtown Raleigh. Headlining are Dave Manning, Maureen Sherbondy, and Bruce Lader. I'll get five minutes to read my own work as part of the event.

You can find selections from poetrySPARK 2009, including two poems by me (under the Humor Me section) online here. You can buy the 2009 anthology book or an e-version from Lulu here, and you can buy it from Amazon here.

During SPARKcon, Living Poetry is running a booth on Fayetteville Street right in front of Isaac Hunter's. Give us $1 and a word and in three minutes we will write you a poem featuring that word. I didn't write any poetry on demand today, but I was at the booth for a while with a bunch of other people, and it was a lot of fun. Stop by and buy a poem. Check out the chalk drawings by high school students, right on the pavement on Fayetteville Street while you're there.


Monday, September 13, 2010

New poem published

My poem, "Infinitely Annoyed" is now online at Prime Number Magazine, issue 2.5.

The poem makes reference to different orders of infinity (explained beside the poem at Prime Number) and I have Miss Shenuski to thank for this bit of knowledge. She taught math at my high school and was so offended at the idea of working one period each day as hall monitor that she volunteered to teach an extra class instead. For my junior year she taught math electives, including number theory, during lunch hour to six math nerds (who all happened to be debate team nerds as well) in the math lab. We ate bagged lunches while learning things like proof by induction and orders of infinity.

I'm confident Miss Shenuski would have been as annoyed as I was by the guy next to me on the bus. Thanks to her I put my time to productive use composing this poem instead of banging the guy over the head with my backpack.