Monday, October 5, 2009

Quintiles with a capital O

Over most of 2008 I watched the progress on that new building off I-40 at Page Road. Every time I drove past on my way to Raleigh a little more was built. Finally, earlier this year, the building topped off at about 10 stories, and the big red lighted O appeared on the top of the building. I wondered, what company is that? Could it be an Omni hotel, even though the Omni O doesn't look like that? What company in RTP starts with O and could be moving into that building? And it looked like part of the lights were burned out near the bottom of the O.

Well, a couple of weeks later I had my answer when the company's full name appeared in smaller letters (not visible from this angle) just to the right of the O: Quintiles, the pharmaceuticals research company. Hunh? Are they telling us those burned out bulbs at the bottom of the O are supposed to be a meaningful part of the design? Good luck figuring that out while driving past at 65 mph.

I guess their research studies exhibit better discriminant validity or they wouldn't land so many contracts.

Quintiles with a Capital O

Are Ouintiles employees as confused by
the Quter Beltline as the rest of us?
Do they rent beach houses on Qcracoke
and the Quter Banks in August?
Are they spending research money
from President Qbama’s stimulus?

Do they conduct inouiries into tropical mosouito disease,
test treatments to stop souirrels from spreading rabies?
Do they use viruses that reouire ouarrantine,
test drugs for surgical qperations,
qncological and qbstetrical applications,
ban discrimination by sexual qrientation?

How many people ouestion their very eyes
When driving past the big red O that stands for Quintiles?


photo credit - me


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Elrond Hubbard said...

I have seriously wondered about this too.