Tuesday, June 23, 2009

More convenient than thou

Yesterday afternoon I came out of the supermarket to find THREE vehicles idling in the fire lane in front of the store. I just don't understand the thought process that leads people to do this. I've waited in the car before while someone was in a store, and when I have, the car has always been parked in a parking space. Okay, maybe once or twice not in a proper space, but if not, then parked somewhere out of everybody's way. People were weaving around these cars, and one of the cars was about four feet off the curb, so the driveway was squeezed to one lane, causing problems for other cars in the parking lot. This was all in the middle of the afternoon on a weekday when the lot was half empty and there were vacant legal spaces about 30 feet from the front door.

I only had two small bags and didn't need a cart, but the woman ahead of me had a fully loaded cart and one of the cars was parked right across the ramp for wheelchairs and shopping carts. She knocked on the window, and the driver was just shocked that he was in her way. He wouldn't pull out, but finally pulled forward although not far enough to clear the ramp. The woman threw her arms in the air in frustration, and the guy inched forward a bit more, until his car almost touched the car ahead. There still wasn't enough space for her to use the ramp, and another customer headed toward the store grabbed the front of her cart and helped her lift it over the curb.

Anyway, it reminded me of a poem I wrote some time ago.

More Convenient than Thou

What thought led you
to park your car in the no stopping zone
at the Seven-Eleven,
the one exact spot that manages
to block the movement
of all five legally parked cars?
Will you only be in for a minute,
as opposed to those others
meandering the aisles
lazily browsing,
their carts overflowing,
checking off five-page lists
of their monthly grocery needs?