Tuesday, October 7, 2008

West End Poets Weekend

Carrboro is sponsoring the West End Poets Weekend this Saturday, October 11. I've been given a 10-minute spot in the NC Poets block. The schedule is included at the link. Carrboro has been promoting local literary efforts through the Parks and Recreation Department and this is their biggest annual event. I'm excited to participate.

And for the occasion, a poem about Carrboro.

Daydream Window

The daydream window
plops raspberry sorbet scoops
atop crape myrtle cones
by the organic dairy store,
frames the orange bricks
of the hosiery mill
framing bistros,
co-op, and galleries.

In the purview of the daydream window
Parisians of the Piedmont
open laptops on picnic tables,
eat quinoa salad with fair-trade tea,
people-watch the passersby
with the elan
of the Jardin des Tuileries.

Through the daydream window
the quotidian flows, boundless
as the bottomless refills
and broken bits of nacho chips
she sweeps from aged oak floors
in the slow of the afternoon.