Monday, April 14, 2008

Happiness on the side

I do most of my work from home. It's nice to get a change of venue once in a while, and my favorite places to do that are restaurants or coffee shops. I like to go mid to late afternoon when there are few if any customers and the operators don't mind my occupying a table for two hours. I like a table by a window with an interesting street view, something that facilitates pondering while I write. I liked a Qdoba burrito place while I did time in Illinois. Here in North Carolina I have another burrito place, Armadillo Grill, that I can walk to. The Qdoba people came to know me from weekly visits. All were friendly, but one motherly Mexican-American woman had such a radiant smile that a two-minute interaction at the burrito counter could make my day.

Burrito Lady

She serves up a side
of happiness that tickles
my insides before
I even taste my lunch.
With selfish motivations
I write this ode —
that she might serve up
a second helping.


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